Khalifa School’s vision is to provide education that will enable each child to develop his/her full potential. Therefore, the curriculum focuses on life skills and functional academics that will enable the students to participate in their daily life activities as independently as possible.

The School has developed its own curriculum in areas of: Arts and Crafts / Music, Religion / Ethics, Arabic Language and Physical Education.

The School’s curriculum covers the following skill areas:

  Language Arts
  The module of language arts focuses on receptive and expressive language, reading and writing skills in both English and Arabic.
  Personal Health
The objectives covered in personal health are designed to help students gain skills of daily living that are needed to become an accepted and functioning member of society. The major objective areas are feeding, toileting, dressing, grooming, safety, nutrition, wellness, self-concept and ecology.
The vocational module focuses on areas of work readiness skills. The objective areas include career awareness, work behavior, job procurement, food service, home industry, horticulture, housekeeping, office, and clerical skills.
As mathematical competency has high priority in functional academics, the objective areas of numeration, time, measurement, money, and computation skills are included to help students gain functionally relevant skills.
  Social Studies
The social studies module covers objectives in the areas of personal behavior, socialization recreation/leisure, personal business community services, shopping, restaurants, government, transportation, geography and family life; which assist students to fulfill social roles as successfully and productively as possible.
This module covers skills required to function successfully in home and community environments and includes objectives in the areas of meal preparation, clothing care, housekeeping, calendar, plant life, temperature, and human anatomy.
  Physical Education
This curriculum area focuses on physical fitness and health through exercises, games, and sport programs.
  Art and Craft /Music
Art and craft curriculum includes coloring painting, collage, sewing/stitching, clay work, and ceramics aiming to promote various skills and interests of students.
  Religion/ Ethics
This module focuses on basic religious concepts as prayer, fasting, good conducts and behavior. It also prepares them to practice the same.