A full-time doctor and a team of nurses manage the school's clinic and carry our medical check ups of every student annually. The student's health is monitored on a day to day basis.
The focus of O.T. is to increase independent functioning through improving the neurological processing systems (movement, sound, sight, concentration, cognition, etc.). Therapy essions take place throughout the school, wherever the students require interventions.
The Speech and Language Therapy Department has been created to develop and enhance oral communication skills. Special attention is given to articulation, voice and fluency. Both Makaton sign language and Picture Exchange ommunication System are used as an alternative means of communication. In addition, hearing hipper sensitivity is corrected through Auditory Integration Training.
The Psychology Department in Khalifa School provides assessment and behavioral programs for the students. It services for parent counseling behavioral problems and IEP implementation.
Neuromotor functions are reated through the Physiotherapy department. Trained experts facilitate proper movement patterns, teach independent motions and help prevent deformities in our students.